Standard Packages

Standard packages include content/product images intended mainly for social media, online and small print use.

5 images / $90

10 images / $160

20 images / $280

30 images / $360

50 images / $500

100 images / $800

Add Ons

Instagram 8:10 (4:5) OR 1:1 (square) crop - $1/image 

(or FREE when a standard package is purchased for a minimum of 6 months as a recurring monthly package)

Instagram 8:10 (4:5) AND 1:1 (square) crop - $2 /image


All prices in AUD. Standard Packages do not include specific props, locations, non JPEG (including PNG) files or modelling. For these, please see 'extras'. Photos from Standard Packages are delivered within a maximum 6-week turnaround (from date of invoice paid and all product received), although typically less. For photos within 4 weeks, a 50% surcharge will apply. For photos within 2 weeks, a 100% surcharge will apply. For photos within 1 week, a 150% surcharge. For photos within 3 days, a 200% surcharge.

White Background

Price is per product.

Each image is shot from a different angle/view.

1 image / $20

3 images / $50

5 images / $80

A texture shot is an image of the actual product (usually) outside the packaging.

Texture shots work great for most serums, creams etc. Texture shots may not be possible for all products.

1 Texture Shot $30 OR $20 when purchased with any of the above packages

3 Texture Shots $80 OR $50 when purchased with any of the above packages

Add Ons

PNG (transparent background files) available for a flat rate of $20/image.

Coloured Backgrounds extra - please email for a quote.

Budget and premium modelled image packages coming soon.
Get in touch today for a highly competitive introductory price


Hand Modelling - $20/Image

PNG (Transparent Background Files) - $20/Image


For images travel to location, specific props or unusual requests or attention, please contact me at or via the form below for a quote.